Convert a PPT file to PDF on your phone

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to convert an email PowerPoint attachment to PDF on your phone. When the file returns, view it and tap share to send it to your team — all without having PowerPoint in your phone.

Here’s how to create a PDF file directly from your phone. So while I’m away from the office I get a PowerPoint email attachment from my colleague and I want to share this with my team. So I’ll tap on this to preview it and then from within my email, I’m going to come up here and export this or share it. From this menu here, I’m going to come down to import to Acrobat and that’s going to take this PowerPoint file and move it over to Acrobat mobile. Now it’s still a PowerPoint file, so in the upper right corner I’m going to tap on this ellipsis. I’m going to come down to create PDF. That’s going to take this PowerPoint file, push it up to Document Cloud and Document Cloud will convert this into a high quality PDF, and I don’t even need to have PowerPoint on my phone. Acrobat will let me know when the file’s been converted so I’ll tap back to the home screen and when the file’s available, I can open it. And now inside of Acrobat, I’ve got my new PDF. So in the top right, I’ll tap up here to invite my team members to collaborate with me. And that was 60 Second Acrobat. -
This video is part of the course Work smarter with Acrobat DC and Microsoft 365 that is available for free on Experience League!