Let Acrobat help you make accessible PDFs

Available in Acrobat Pro only.

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to check to see if a PDF is Accessible.

PDF accessibility consists of preparing a document correctly to ensure that it is accessible for those using screen readers or other assistive devices. The Acrobat accessibility check helps address any accessibility issues in a document. To run the accessibility check, select the accessibility tool and then accessibility check. In the checker options, I’ll just accept the default options here and then click start checking. The report on the left will display any issues that Acrobat finds. Some of the issues need to be checked manually. Once you have verified that they’re sufficient you can right click on an issue and choose pass. Now here’s an error telling me that this logo image is missing alternate text. The checker allows me to right click on the error and choose fix, and then type in the alt text.
Now the report is showing no errors and the automated checks have been addressed. And that was 60 Second Acrobat. -