Collaborate in real time

With remote work everywhere, seamless collaboration is critical to delivering content with speed and scale. Move your projects forward by collecting comments, collaborating on responses, and tracking progress on your documents all in real-time, from anywhere. This video tutorial uses the new workspace experience

Sharing PDFs and gathering comments is as simple as sending an email in Acrobat DC but with far more control, full tracking, and no messy attachments. The Share tool provides an excellent feedback experience for all your document review workflows. You can share any PDF, including converted Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. To start just select Share with others in the top toolbar. Sharing also works in the Acrobat Reader mobile app or online using Acrobat Web in any browser.
Just enter the email address of each recipient. Add an optional message, and then make sure Allow comments is on.
Select deadline to choose a cut-off date for the feedback and to send reminders. Now that we sent our document out for review. I’m going to switch over to Gmail to take a look at what the recipients of your message experiences.
In the email, there is a link to the shared document online. Simply select Open and the file opens in your browser. You don’t need any additional software or to even sign in. Simply enter your name to continue as a guest. Once you’re here, you can annotate and reply to other comments in real time.
In the top toolbar, you’ll find various types of annotation tools, like a sticky note and a highlighter. I’ll go ahead and place a sticky note here. Inside of a comment using an @mention will send a notification to a participating reviewer. When a different reviewer replies to a comment, it creates a thread of all the replies and these threads or conversations can easily be identified in the comment pane. I’m going to flip back over to Acrobat. Here you can see the real-time notifications from the review in the upper right corner underneath the bell icon.
To manage the PDF files you’ve sent for feedback. Everything is in one tidy location underneath the Home screen under shared by you in the left pane. When you select a file you’ve shared a pane on the right opens where you can copy the review link to send to more people if you need to. You can also add reviewers, or delete the review file.
Collaborating in real time using the Share tool in Acrobat provides an excellent feedback experience for all your document review workflows. It will accelerate and bring crucial feedback from team members to your projects.
This video is part of the course Work smarter with Acrobat DC and Microsoft 365 that is available for free on Experience League!