Check PDF accessibility

Learn how to check if your PDF is universally accessible to people with disabilities, including people who are mobility impaired, blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, or who have cognitive impairments.

Available in Acrobat Pro only.

Accessibility check

  1. Select Accessibility from the Tools center or right-hand pane.

    Accessibility Step 1

  2. Select Accessibility Check in the right-hand pane.

    Accessibility Step 2

  3. Select a category from the dropdown and items from the checklist.

    Leave every box checked for a complete report.

  4. Select Start Checking to begin the report.

    Accessibility Step 3

    The left navigation pane opens to show the report results. Expand a section to see the details.

    Accessibility Step 4

You can also use the Make Accessible action in the Action Wizard tool, which walks through a basic set of steps to create an accessible PDF.

Fix accessibility issues

In the accessibility report window, right-click on an item to bring up the context menu. The context menu for any item that failed the accessibility check gives you the option to fix the issue.


Some issues cannot be fixed automatically and need your manual intervention to correct the problem. In those cases,

Acrobat presents a dialog box telling you what to correct.