5 Tips for working anywhere with Acrobat–Get your tools

The first step to start working from anywhere is to get your Acrobat tools and companion mobile apps.

Tip #1 - Get your tools (2:59)

Hi, my name is Lori DeFurio and I’ll be spending the next few minutes to review 5 tips for working anywhere using Adobe Acrobat DC and its companion mobile apps. First - let’s review the apps & services I’ll be using today. I’ll be using Acrobat Pro DC but if you have Acrobat Standard DC, that’s fine. Everything I’ll demonstrate today is available in both versions. In addition to Acrobat, I’ll be using the two companion mobile apps - Acrobat Reader and Adobe Scan. Both of these apps are free of charge and you can install these on your mobile devices - phone or tablet. And if you’d like to get everything installed now feel free to pause the video and then come back when you’re ready to follow along. Here are the 5 tips I’ll be reviewing with you. We’ll start on desktop and move to the mobile apps. OK - let’s get started. Whether you’re at your desk, on your computer, or working from home, on your tablet or mobile phone, you have access to Acrobat everywhere. And you have access to all your files as well. My recommendation, you’ll want to visit documentcloud.adobe.com to download all the apps to your computer if you haven’t already. Let’s take a quick look at everything you have access to with your Acrobat DC subscription. This is the home screen of documentcloud.adobe.com. Once I’ve logged in I have access to everything. My documents and all the tools. Convert tools, Edit tools, including Combining Files, or Reordering Pages. Share tools, Sign tools and all the tools together with the apps at the top. And when you’re on the move - you’ll want to know you have your important files handy. You just star important files, and they’re right at the top of of the screen. Or if you have a file on one device, select the star and it will allow you to share across all devices. Let me show you how easy this is. As you can see in Acrobat - my starred files are at the top of the screen. then to add a new file, I select it. Select the star, it’s now in my Starred list. And if it was not already in Document Cloud - Acrobat will ask me if I’d like to share it. And if I have a PDF file open already, the star is available in the toolbar. I just click it and if my file isn’t already in the cloud - Acrobat will copy it there so I’ll have access to it anywhere on any device. -

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