PDF collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Adobe Acrobat for Teams allows users to collaborate and work with colleagues by viewing, annotating, and reviewing PDFs without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. This integration includes:

  • High quality viewing – this is only PDF viewing experience that lets you open high-fidelity PDFs directly within Microsoft Teams, for a satisfying and seamless work experience
  • Streamline PDF reviews — collect channel members’ feedback in a single PDF directly in Microsoft Teams instead of gathering and reconciling feedback via multiple attachments
  • Stay notified of progress — get notified in Teams when others take action on your documents
  • Keep reviewers informed — reviewers get notified when others reply to their comments
  • Secure collaboration – collaborate securely with trusted members and retain the ability to store document versions in Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive
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Adobe Acrobat for Teams allows users to securely collaborate on high quality PDFs without ever leaving the Microsoft Teams environment. We’re going to start in the Microsoft Teams desktop app but you can also log into Teams using a modern browser.
To install Acrobat for Teams, just select apps on the left rail and search for Adobe Acrobat. You can add to a team or to a chat. We’re going to add it to our company’s team for everybody to use and you can set it up as a tab in the channel or a bot. In this case, we’re going to select bot.
At this point, you may also be asked to grant authorization for the app to be installed. Contact your organization’s IT group if have any issues with installation.
Once installed a post is made in the team channel.
There are four different ways you can use the Acrobat app in Teams. First, you can share a PDF as a tab in a team channel for others to view and collaborate on in real-time. Just select a plus sign, to add a tab and select Acrobat. You can choose to upload a PDF that’s already in your channel, located on One Drive, or upload from your computer.
The PDF is open and displayed in the high quality Acrobat viewer inside Teams.
To collaborate on this particular PDF, just sign in using your Adobe login by selecting the options icon which are the three dots located at the right. And once you’re signed in you can use the collaboration tools like the sticky note, highlight text, or drawing markup.
We’ll go ahead and add a sticky note to this to let the team know that we’ve reviewed the document.
When you add a PDF as a tab, the Acrobat bot automatically sends notifications to the team.
Now we’ll go back to our posts here and preview the second way that you can collaborate on PDFs. And this is by using the message action viewer. This is handy if someone has posted a PDF, if you select the options menu here, you can then select more actions and collaborate on PDF.
Again, the Acrobat viewer is opened and you can add comments and feedback just by signing in, again using your Adobe ID. The third way is to use the Adobe Acrobat message extension to share the PDF as an adaptive card on a post.
We’ll start out by typing a message. And you can use the @ sign to mention, to call out other users.
Select the Acrobat icon from under the message box to select your file. And this will bring up the same dialogue that we saw earlier, where you can select a file from within Teams, One Drive, or upload it from your computer. We’ll just go ahead and select the pricing cover here to share it. And this will place a card in the channel feed that other team members can select open to collaborate on.
When they select open, they’ll have the same collaboration tools we saw earlier. A couple other things you can do here with sticky notes. We’ll go ahead and change the color to purple.
You can also use a highlight tool to select text and add comments to the text. You can use the drawing tool to circle a graphic.
Perhaps you want to change out this graphic here and you can add a comment to the drawing tool.
Other team members can reply to your comments and you’ll be automatically notified directly within Teams. You can delete comments and you can also search for specific text in your document to comment on. I’m going to search for the word oriented and then you’ll find it here highlighted below the graphic. And the fourth way that you can use the Adobe Acrobat app in Teams is by selecting the app in the left rail to use the chat bot to sign in, sign out, control your notifications, and to provide feedback.
PDF collaboration inside Microsoft Teams is unique because each piece of feedback is collected in a single PDF instead of gathering and reconciling feedback from multiple attachments. This gives a single document as a source of truth for your document reviews. -
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