Electronically sign a paper document

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn to use Adobe Scan to sign a printed form. Simply scan it, sign it, and send it as a PDF.

So, someone has just asked you to complete and sign a paper form. Here’s how you can take care of that task digitally using only your phone. I’ll open the Adobe Scan app and tap the little camera icon in the lower right. The app will use my phone’s camera to search for a document and identify the piece of paper on my desk. Then it will capture this form automatically.
I’ll rename the scanned file and then click, Save as PDF.
Now, when I open it in the Acrobat Mobile app and click the blue, Edit, button, I can use the, Fill & Sign tools, to complete the form and add my signature.
I’ll create a new signature just by signing right here on my phone and applying it to the document. Now, whenever I need to sign something in Acrobat, whether I’m signed in on my phone or on my desktop or on the web, this signature will be stored and available to me to use with just a click.
Once the form is complete, I can easily share it with anyone who needs access to the finished document.
And that was 60 second Acrobat. -