5 Tips for working anywhere with Acrobat–Collaborate on documents

Create simple and effortless workflows for collaborating on documents.

Tip #2 - Collaborate on documents (2:03)

Tip #2: It’s important to provide timely feedback if asked and conversely if you’re asking for feedback. You want to make it as simple and effortless for your reviewer. That’s where the Share tool comes in. It functions the same whether you’re in Acrobat, in the browser or on the mobile app. You’ll add the names of the reviewers, and then optionally add a deadline and/or reminder. Let’s take a look. I’ll select the Home view to find a recent file, let’s use the one we just starred. and open it. This checklist needs to be reviewed. I’ll click the Share tool, add a review’s email address, add a deadline, and a reminder, and I’ll click Send. Before I close the file, I’ll add a comment. I’ll use a Sticky Note. Now let’s see the experience for the reviewer. She receives an email asking her to comment on the shared file. She clicks open and is asked to either join as a guest or login. Let’s join as a guest, and add a comment. The reviewer only needed an email account to participate. No login, no additional app or service. And here’s a bonus tip. If you want to share a file without specifying individual people, you can “Get a link” that can be shared with everyone or anyone. -

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