Load PDF comments into InDesign

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to load PDF comments back into InDesign after an Acrobat shared review. This digital workflow helps you complete revisions in record time.

Once your team has added their Comments to a PDF, you can then import those comments directly into InDesign and make your changes a whole lot easier. So I’ll start by switching over to InDesign. Let’s bring up the PDF comments panel, under the window menu, comments. Then I’m going to click import and I’m going to import the PDF that I downloaded from Document Cloud. All the comments are going to now show in this panel. I can click on each one of these and I will be brought to the InDesign page. I’ll even see the annotation showing up on top of the layout as well. So I’ll come in here and move up the logo.
Let’s come down here and adjust the image crop.
And then finally, let’s come over here to the last page. I’ll move this image over a little bit just to help with the legibility. Now, as I complete each task I’ll come over here and click on resolve. This way I can keep track of all of the changes that I’ve made. And once I’m done, I can export a new PDF and send this out to my team, knowing that I haven’t missed anything. And that was 60 Second Acrobat. -