Custom Commands and Tools

Learn how to improve document workflow productivity by using custom commands and tools. Then, share your new commands and tools with co-workers to help improve organizational efficiency.

Custom commands are available in Acrobat Pro only.
Learn how to create both a custom command and custom tool set to address specific document workflows. You can also share custom commands and tool sets with coworkers to help improve organizational productivity. Custom commands are a single preconfigured step that can save you time when doing repetitive tasks. Custom tools on the other hand are your own collection of Acrobat tools. They allow you to quickly access the tools and commands you use the most. We’ll start by creating a custom command and then later, including this command in a custom tool set. I’ll start by opening the Action Wizard and selecting New Custom Command in the toolbar.
On the left of this dialogue are all the different types of commands you can preconfigure, I’ll select Set Open Options to configure this command.
I’ll give it a new name, and a Tool tip, and then select Command Options.
I want to create a custom command that I can apply to any PDF that sets the initial view to automatically open the bookmarks panel, and set the magnification to fit the page. Once it’s created, you can see it in the right hand pane.
Now to use this command in a custom set of tools we’ll need to select the Create Custom Tool.
I’ll scroll down to locate the Action Wizard, which is where the new command is located.
I’ll add it to the tool set by selecting the right arrow. You can also include this command in the toolbar by selecting the up arrow. Want to add another command called Document Description in this tool set, which is located under Edit PDF.
Give the section a name by selecting the pencil icon, and you can also include instructions which can be really handy if you plan on sharing the new tool set.
When you save the custom tool set, you’re prompted to give it a name.
I’ll go ahead and name this one Set Document Properties.
The new tool set automatically opens. It has its own toolbar, and I’m prompted to open a file.
I’ll go ahead and open this file and notice when I opened it, I couldn’t see the entire page and there are no bookmarks on the left for navigating the long document.
The custom commanded tools that are part of this tool set are in the right hand pane and in the toolbar. I can apply them both immediately.
I’ll go ahead and open it with bookmarks.
And in the Document Description, I’ll remove personal Author information and include a bit more detail in the subject.
I’ll go ahead and close this dialogue. Save the file.
And when I reopen the file, you’ll notice that the magnification has been set to view the entire page and the bookmarks are open for easy navigation.
If you’d like to share the new tool set with your coworkers just select export, under the new tool set drop down.
Custom commands are a great way to reduce repetitive keystrokes, and custom tool sets are a great way to keep the tools you need at your fingertips. -