5 Tips for working anywhere with Acrobat–Scan and edit on mobile

Learn how to work with Adobe Scan and Acrobat Reader mobile apps to get work done from anywhere.

Tip #5 - Scan and edit on mobile (1:43)

Let’s start with Adobe Scan. I’ll open the app. The camera is automatically ready. And point my phone at the magazine. Remember to try to hold steady and Adobe Scan automatically recognizes the page borders and takes the photo for me. I’ll name the file and it’s automatically uploaded to the cloud. Basically converted from pixels to words. And if I open it in Acrobat, I can select all the text, or the graphics for reuse. Or to archive a searchable PDF. Let’s take a final look at what Acrobat Reader mobile can do. First click on the plus symbol. You can scan and you’ll be directed back to Adobe Scan. Create PDF or Combine files. And once you open a PDF you’ll see a pencil symbol. This allows you to Comment, Fill & Sign which we’ve already done. But also Edit PDF and Organize pages and if you use your device’s Share tool, you’ll see the same option we looked at in Tip #2 on desktop Acrobat. Well that’s it! 5 tips to working from anywhere with Adobe Acrobat DC. Take care and be safe. -