Where do PDFs come from?

Learn where PDFs come from and how you can use them in digital workflows.

The world is full of fascinating and complicated questions. Why is the sky blue? Where do ideas come from? How does an engine work? What’s a PDF? Actually, that last one is easy. PDFs let you read, print, sign and share documents. It’s a safe and reliable file type created by Adobe that displays documents exactly as they were meant to be seen. Any printable file can be saved as a PDF and viewed on just about any computer or mobile device. In fact, the letters stand for Portable Document Format. Every PDF started out as a different kind of file. Maybe in a Word document, a spreadsheet or a flyer. The authors of those files, convert them to PDFs. So you can view them without buying special software. You can make PDFs too. It’s actually very easy. Just go to the File menu in almost any application and select Save as Adobe PDF or Print as Adobe PDF or something similar. Now anyone can view that file. Even if they don’t have the same software or computer as you. Adobe PDFs make life easier for everyone. If only everything was that simple. There’s a lot more you can do with PDF files. Head to the Adobe website to find out more.