Fill & Sign PDF forms

Learn how to quickly and easily fill and sign a PDF form. No messy printing or scanning is necessary.

When you need to complete and sign a PDF form, you don’t have to print, fill, sign, and scan. Just use the Fill & Sign tool in Acrobat DC.
With the form open in Acrobat, find the Fill & Sign tool in the right hand Tools pane or open it from the Tools center. Acrobat will open the Fill & Sign toolbar at the top of the document window. These tools are simple and intuitive and make it easy to fill out any PDF form, even if the form fields haven’t been activated by the original sender. Just select the tool that best fits the field type and click to get to work.
I’ll use the text tool to type in my information, the check or the X to select a checkbox or the dot tool to fill in a radio button.
I can also circle information or add a line to cross out or underline form content. I can make changes to the size, color, or position of an entry by clicking the item on the form to select it.
Once I’m done adding all my information, I’m ready to sign the form. I can do that using the Sign tool in the top menu bar.
If you’ve never used this tool before, you’ll start by adding your signature to your Document Cloud account.
You can type your name, draw your signature with a mouse or track pad, or upload an image to use here.
The signature you enter here will be available going forward whenever you need to sign other documents.
Now I’ll just drop my signature onto the form and make it the size I need to fit the space.
Now that my signature has been applied to the document, I can click Next in the upper right to send it to the final recipient.
Here I have two choices. I can get a link to a read-only version of the document or send it on to someone else who may need to sign. If no one else needs to sign it, I’ll choose the first option.
The signed document will be secured and certified to prevent any further changes being made. And I can access a secure link from the right hand pane.
I could also choose to email the link directly from here.
No matter how I choose to share the file, the recipient won’t be able to change the information that I’ve added to the document now that it has been finalized in Adobe Acrobat. -