Protect your PDF files with a password

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to protect a PDF so that a password is required either to open or edit the PDF.

I’m going to show you how to protect a PDF with a password. To begin, I’ll select the Protect Tool and then select, Protect Using Password. I’m going to protect this document so that a password is required to open or view the PDF. I’ll add a strong password here and then click, Apply. Now, when I close the document, I see that a password is required before I can open and view the file. Next, I’ll add a password to protect a PDF from editing. Again, I’ll click the Protect Tool, then, Protect Using Password. This time, though, I’ll select the, Editing, option. Enter a strong password and click, Apply. Let’s see what happens when I close and open this file. The file opens without a password so anyone can view it. But if I try to edit the PDF with the, Edit PDF, tool, I need the password. By the way, when a PDF is protected from editing, the password is not required to fill in form fields, sign the document, or add comments. And that was 60 second Acrobat. -