Scan anything to PDF

Learn how to turn any paper document into a PDF using the free Adobe Scan mobile app.

In this video, we’re going to take a look at a very powerful and free app for the iPhone, iPad, Android called Adobe Scan. Going to click on the camera icon, and I want to make a scan of a document that I want to send to my doctor. And what I want you to see is, here’s the document. Clearly it’s not very straight, notice that, there we go. Now, it’s making a capture.
We can play around and change the cropping if we want. Notice, as I move these handles around, we see a close-up view of each handle. That’s very convenient, but for now, I’m just going to leave it where it is, and let’s open up the document now, takin’ a look at it. Looks pretty good. So I want to click on this little pencil icon near the top so that I can change the name. I’ll just call this Dr. Gloria.
We will rename the document. I want you to also see that at this point, we can still crop it, we can rotate it, we can change page sizes if need be. There are filters that can be added. For example, this kills me, check this out. Crumpled look, okay, not sure why you’d want to use that, but that’s what it’s for. There we go. And the last thing to do now would be to clean it up. You see there’s some, a note that was scribbled on the right hand side. So I’m going to click the cleanup button and I’m just going to take my finger and like magic, it’s just going to remove that stuff. So now, I’ll click the check up on the upper right and now, we’re ready to save. So I click save, and there it is. We can now open it in Acrobat.
We’ll open an Acrobat Reader.
And there’s our document which again, can still be edited from here, but it’s ready to be sent, or shared as you can see there. And that is it. Amazing, and it’s free! Thanks again. -

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