Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive

Learn how to get access to time-saving PDF tools and e-signature workflows directly inside the Google Drive app.

Get access to time saving PDF tools with Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive. To open a view PDFs in the high quality web-based viewer, just right click and select open with Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive or select three dots in the upper right corner and choose the same option. Now, if you don’t see these open with options, be sure to contact your IT department to have them install Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive. Now, once the file is open, anyone can add annotations; things like sticky notes, additional text, highlights and drawing markup from the toolbar at the top. Each annotation is added in the right-hand pane, so you can see the text associated with it.
You can also search for words in the PDF or download and imprint from the toolbar as well.
Now, when you have a subs subscription to Acrobat DC, you’ll see additional functionality. So let’s sign in to see these particular tools.
The tools appear under the edit menu. You’ll also be able to organize pages, combine files, export PDF to other formats, send your documents for signature and track the status, that is, if your organization has a signed enterprise agreement and create PDFs. Let’s start using these additional tools by combining more files with this one. To do this, I’ll click the add files command and select a Google Sheet document and a Word file. to organize the files just drag and drop them into place. To organize individual pages within a file, just hover over the file and expand the pages. You can drag and drop to organize individual pages. You can also select multiple pages to rotate and delete them, which we’ll go ahead and do. Enter a new file name, and then you’ll see the combined button up here which will select, and this will create a high quality Adobe PDF that preserves fonts, formatting, and layout.
In this particular example, the combined file even has hypertext links.
And the newly combined file is automatically saved back to Google Drive. Another time saver is the ability to convert PDF files into other document formats using the export PDF tool.
I’m going to convert this particular PDF file into a PowerPoint file.
And when I do this, the newly created PowerPoint file and all the text and graphics are editable. So you can update the PowerPoint file or use it in Google Slides.
Adobe Acrobat for Google drive gives you direct access to time saving PDF tools, to comment create combine, organize, and export PDF files all within the Google drive app. -