5 Tips for working anywhere with Acrobat–Protect digital documents

Add a password to your PDF to prevent copying, editing, or printing.

Tip #3 - Protect digital documents (1:23)

Tip #3: When distributing your digital documents you may want to add some level of protection. No editing or no copying of the content, or even no printing. You’ll use the Protect tool to see all the options. Let’s take a look. I have an employee handbook open and I want to ensure no one can edit the contents. I’ll select Protect tool and then Protect Using Password. I can either require a password for viewing - or editing, I’ll select Editing, add a password, and confirm a 2nd time. Select Apply and I’m done! The file is now protected from editing and only people I share the password with will be able to make any edits. Here’s a bonus tip. If you frequently add passwords to your PDFs you can save your security settings to use again. Just select Advanced Options > Manage Security Policies. I’ve created one named Restrict Printing & Editing. -

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