Create a PDF of photos in an instant

In this 60-second video tutorial, learn how to drag-and-drop a bunch of JPGs onto the Acrobat icon. Click yes to creating a multi-page PDF. Then, you can simply drag more JPG files into the Pages panel to add additional pages to the PDF.

Do you want to send a bunch of photos to somebody? Start by dragging them into Acrobat. So from your operating system, you can select a series of photos and on the Mac, you can drag those to the doc icon, or you can drag them to the app shortcut. In either case you’ll get this dialogue box where Acrobat will ask you if it can convert your images into a multi-page PDF, click yes. And then Acrobat will go through each JPEG, create a new page in a PDF, and give you a new multi-page PDF file. Now we’ll come over here and open up the pages panel so you can see all the pages. And now if you’re in the Windows platform you can select all of the images, just like you do on the Mac. However, in Windows, you can simply drag the images right into the Acrobat window. You’ll get the same dialogue box. And then just like before, we’ll have a new multi-page PDF file containing all of our photos. And then after your PDF is complete, if you decide later you’d like to add more photos, simply select them and drag them directly into the pages panel. And that was 60 Second Acrobat. -