Reduce file size & optimize

Reduce large files and optimize your PDFs without compromising quality for sharing, posting, or archiving.

Available in Acrobat Pro only.
  1. Select Optimize PDF from the Tools center or right-hand pane.

    Reduce Step 1

  2. Select Reduce File Size and choose whether you want to reduce a single file or multiple files.

    The file is reduced to the smallest size possible while retaining the document’s quality.

    Reduce Step 2

  3. Select Advance Optimization, then choose from options in the PDF Optimizer.

    Reduce Step 3

  4. Select Standard from the Settings menu to use the default settings.

    If you change any settings in the PDF Optimizer dialog box, the Settings menu automatically switches to Custom.

  5. Select Retain Existing from the Make Compatible With menu to keep the current PDF version or choose a specific Acrobat version.

  6. Select the check box next to a panel (for example, Images, Fonts, Transparency), and then choose options in that panel.

    Reduce Step 5

    To prevent all options in a panel from executing during optimization, deselect the check box for that panel.

  7. (Optional) Select Save and name the current setting to create a custom selection. To delete a saved setting, choose it in the Settings menu and select Delete.

    Reduce Step 6

To optimize multiple PDF files, try using the Action Wizard.