Adobe Campaign v8 key capabilities ac-gs-what-is-new

Adobe Campaign v8 is designed for cross-channel marketers who need the best-in-class cloud solution for cross-channel campaign management with enterprise scale. It provides robust ETL and data management capabilities to help craft and curate the perfect campaign. Its orchestration engine provides for rich multi-touch marketing programs with a core focus on batch-based driven journeys. It also comes paired with a scalable real-time messaging server that enables marketing teams to send pre-defined messages based on a all-inclusive payload from any IT system for things such as password reset, order confirmation, e-receipt’s and much more.

Adobe Campaign v8 brings significant infrastructure, security, deliverability, and monitoring enhancements. It is available as a Managed Cloud Service which combines services with proactive oversight and timely alterting. Learn more about Campaign Managed Cloud Services in this section.

Key capabilities key-capabilities

Central workflow management central-wf-mgt

Improve the speed and scale of every aspect of your marketing campaigns, from creating segments and preparing messages to delivery.

Adobe Campaign makes it easy for you to get your channels in sync, with a single, easy-to-use interface for campaign orchestration. So, your online channels — like email, web, mobile, and social — match your offline channels, including direct mail, call center, in-store, and so on. It empowers you to give your customers a consistent and contextual experience in both digital and traditional channels. Adobe Campaign makes it simple to deliver content to all the paths your customers may take — on any channel.

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Personalized email marketing perso-email-mkt

Create personalized and contextually relevant emails that are consistent with the rest of the customer experience.

With Adobe Campaign, you can make your emails better, more personalized, and more profitable. Emails are simple to create and easy to deliver. Campaign v8 gives you the flexibility to design, personalize, test, refine, and improve every message you send.

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Customer data management customer-data-mgt

See the whole picture of your customers so you can quickly create personalized campaigns at enterprise scale.

Adobe Campaign helps you build customer profiles from data gathered across all of your channels. With this profile, you can orchestrate campaigns across channels. By connecting all of your marketing channels, you are able to customize the different journey each customer will take in the way that will make sense to them.

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Best-in class campaign management best-in-campaign-mgt

Adobe Campaign v8 provides marketers with best-in-class capabilities to plan, launch and measure campaigns across channels.

Capabilities include an integrated profile that provides a single view of the customer. Data management and segmentation for campaign audience building at scale. Cross-channel workflow management for automating multi-channel and multi-wave campaigns. Integrated email, reducing reliance on costly ESPs. Reporting and analytics for understanding customer behavior and campaign performance.

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Connections to Adobe Experience Platform connection-to-aep

Adobe Campaign v8 supports data connectors with Real-Time CDP and Adobe Experience Platform, so organizations can leverage the real-time unified Customer Profile.

In addition, Adobe Campaign v8 is natively integrated with the real-time journey orchestration capabilities so that marketers can reuse the same templates and delivery capabilities in Adobe Campaign to engage with customers in real-time. These investments will optimize the Adobe Campaign customer experience and unlock new use cases such as the ability to add individualized real-time customer journeys to campaigns.

You can also configure predictive send time optimization and predictive engagement scoring with Journey AI, and increase open rates, clicks and revenues.

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Managed Cloud Services acms-desc

Adobe Campaign v8 is available as a Managed Cloud Service, providing proactive oversight, timely alerting, and service governance. Adobe Managed Cloud Service provides marketers with a more agile, secure and scalable cross-channel campaign management solution with a low total cost of ownership. The new offering combines services with proactive oversight and timely alerting.

The managed services approach enables marketers to take advantage of the operational scale and economics of cloud infrastructure without the need for heavy support from internal IT resources. Adobe consulting and implementation teams work with you to assess your marketing plans, existing practices, data requirements, and messaging volume, and then they recommend the most appropriate service, support, and deliverability packages. The Adobe Campaign Managed Cloud Services team can then monitor and report on campaign performance, brand reputation, customer experience metrics, and more.

[PDF]{class="badge informative"} Read out this whitepaper to learn more about the business value of Adobe Campaign Managed Cloud Services.

Note that the new cloud architecture enables Campaign to streamline processes, reduce costs, manage risks, and improve data security. Your Campaign v8 environment comes with a dedicated Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that is pre-configured for you.

  • Campaign v8 is only available as a Managed Cloud Service, and cannot be deployed on an on-premise or hybrid environments.

  • Automated migration from an existing Campaign Classic v7 environment is not yet available.

Speed and scale speed-scale

Adobe Campaign can now leverage cloud scale database technologies to dramatically improve its scale and speed.

Campaign v8 Enterprise brings the concept of Full Federated Data Access (FFDA): all data is now remote on the Cloud Database. With this new offering, Campaign v8 simplifies data management: no index is required on the Cloud Database. You just need to create the tables, copy the data and you can start. Snowflake is the Campaign Cloud Database, it brings you speed and endurance: no overload of the system activity peaks. The Cloud database technology does not require specific maintenance to guarantee the level of performance.

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Self-service admin interface self-service-admin

As a product administrator, you can manage settings and track usages of each of your Campaign v8 instances with Campaign Control Panel.

Through an intuitive user interface, administrators can monitor usage of key assets, perform advanced tasks such as IP addresses allow listing, SFTP storage monitoring, key management, and more. This self-service interface brings you more flexibility and helps you:

  • Quickly make changes to settings by yourself without reaching out to Adobe Support
  • Configure settings based on your different business needs at different times
  • Enhance security by controlling access settings on a need-by-need basis

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