Work with audiences in Campaign gs-ac-audiences

Profiles are contacts stored in Campaign database.

In Adobe Campaign, recipients are the default profiles targeted for sending deliveries (emails, SMS, etc.). Recipient data stored in the database enable you to filter the target that will receive any given delivery and to add personalization data in your delivery contents. Other types of profiles exist in the database. They are designed for different uses. For example, seed profiles are made to test your deliveries before they are sent to the final target.

Learn how to import, update and manage profiles and audiences in this section.

Create lists create-lists

A list is a static set of contacts which can be targeted in delivery actions or updated during an import or another workflow action. For example, a population extracted from the database via a query can be stored as a list.

Learn how to create and manage lists in this page.

Filter the database filter-the-database

Filter configuration lets you select data from a list dynamically: when the data is modified, the filtered data is updated. You can create your own filters or use the built-in filters to define a target audience.

Learn how to create and manage filters in this page.

Create an audience in a workflow

Targeting can be created via a combination of queries in a graphical sequence in a workflow. You can create audiences which will be targeted according to your requirements. To display the workflow editor, click the Targeting and workflows tab in the campaign dashboard.

Learn how to build an audience in a campaign workflow in this page.

Active profiles active-profiles

An active profile is a profile that customer has attempted to communicate with during the past 12 months via any channel.

According to your contract, each of your Campaign instances is provisioned with a specific amount of active profiles that are counted for billing purposes. Please refer to your latest contract for reference on number of purchased active profiles. Learn more in Adobe Campaign product description.

You can monitor the number of active profiles on your instance directly from Campaign Control Panel. For more on this, refer to the Control Panel documentation.

The following guardrails and limitations apply:

  • A profile that has been targeted by several deliveries is counted only once.
  • Profiles targeted in the context of Social marketing on X (Twitter) are not taken into account as active profiles.
  • The count is based on the recipient primary key. As a consequence, if a profile is present in two different recipient tables, it can be counted twice as an active profile.

Adobe Campaign is a powerful tool for collecting and processing large volume of data, including personal information and sensitive data. Adobe Campaign enables you to collect data, including personal and sensitive information. It is therefore essential that you receive and monitor consent from your recipients.

Learn how to manage privacy and consent in Adobe Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

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