Create an audience in a list create-segments

Use Campaign lists to create and organize your audiences.

A list is a static set of contacts which can be targeted in delivery actions or updated during an import or another workflow action. For example, a population extracted from the database via a query can be stored as a list.

Lists are created and managed via the Lists link in the Profiles and targets tab. These list are based on the default Adobe Campaign profile table (nms:recipient). Learn more

You can create a list using the Update list activity in a workflow. This activity stores the resulting population into a list. Use it to create a new list or update an existing list. To create lists containing other types of data than the built-in profile table, you must run a workflow. For example, by using a query on the visitor table then updating the list, you can create a visitor list. Learn more.

Watch this video to learn more about Lists management in Adobe Campaign.

Create a list of contacts create-a-list-of-contacts

To create a list of contacts, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Create button and select New list.

  2. Enter the information in the Edit tab of the list creation window.

    • Enter the list name in the Label field and, if necessary, change the internal name.
    • Add a description for this list.
    • You can specify an expiration date: when this date is reached, the list is purged and automatically deleted.
  3. In the Content tab, click Add to select the profiles belonging to the list.

    You can create a new profile and add it in the list directly from this window using the Create icon. The profile will be added to the database.

  4. Click Save to save the list. It is then added to the overview of lists.

Convert filtered contacts to a list convert-data-to-a-list

You can select profiles and add them to a list. To perform this, follow the steps below:

  1. From Campaign Explorer, select profiles and right-click.

    These profiles can be filtered to met specific criteria.

  2. Select Actions > Associate selection with a list….

  3. Select an existing list or create a new list, and click Next.

  4. Click the Start button.

Select the Recreate the list option to delete the existing content from the list and optimize the creation of the list (no query is needed to verify whether the profiles are already linked to the list).

If you uncheck the No trace of this job is saved in the database option, you can select (or create) the execution folder where the information linked to this process will be stored.

The upper section of the window lets you monitor execution. The Stop button lets you stop the process. Contacts already processed will be linked to the list.

Once the execution is finished, access the Profiles and Targets > Lists menu and select the list: the Content tab shows the profiles linked to this list.

Create a list with a workflow create-a-list-wf

You can use the List update activity to create a list or add a population to a list of recipients.

In the example below, you create a list of all the recipients between 25 and 40.

  1. Select Profiles and targets, and Targeting workflows, then create a new workflow from the Create button.

  2. Enter a label for this workflow, for example ‘25-40 contacts’, add a description, and click Next.

  3. Insert a Query activity to define the target population, and edit the query.

  4. Define the filter conditions, as below:

    Learn how to create a query in a workflow in this section.

  5. Add a label for this query and save your changes.

  6. Add a List update activity, and edit it.

  7. Enter a label for the activity.

  8. Select the Create the list if necessary (Computed name) option to show that the list will be created once the first workflow has been executed, then updated with the following executions.

  9. Select a folder and enter a label for the list.

  10. Select the Database of the targeting dimension to store the table.

  11. Leave the Purge the list if it exists (otherwise add to the list) option checked to delete recipients that do not match the targeting criteria, and to insert the new ones into the list.

  12. Also leave the Create or use a list with its own table option checked.

  13. Leave the Generate an outbound transition option unchecked.

  14. Click Ok, and save the workflow.

  15. Start the workflow.

    The list of matching recipients is then created. You can access to this list from the Lists entry of the home page.

    You can make this workflow recurrent by adding a scheduler to the workflow. Learn more.

Remove a profile from a list remove-a-profile-from-a-list

To remove a profile from a list, edit the list, select the profile in the Content tab, then click the Delete icon.

Delete a list of profiles delete-a-list-of-profiles

To delete a list, browse to it from Campaign Explorer, select it and right-click. Choose Delete. A warning message asks you to confirm the deletion.

When you delete a list, the profiles on the list are not affected but the data in their profile is updated.