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Release 24.1 - 2024 Winter Release winter-24

Improvements e-rn-improvements

Adobe Campaign Standard 24.1 uses the HTTP v1 APIs to send Android Push Notification Messages, to ensure compatibility with upcoming FCM changes. Learn more in this technote.

Adobe Campaign Standard 24.1 now supports p8 authentication certificates for iOS push notifications. Your implementation must be adapted to activate these changes. Learn more in this technote.

Starting on June 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo! will be requiring senders to comply with One-Click List-Unsubscribe. Campaign now supports this capability out-of-the-box. Learn more in this section.

Fixes e-rn-fixes

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the bounced email addresses from being removed from quarantine after 30 days. (CAMP-52977)
  • Fixed an issue which stopped the Delivery Alerting workflow with the following error: division by zero. (CAMP-49786)