Adobe Experience Platform release notes

Release date: June 2024

New features in Adobe Experience Platform:

AI Assistant ai-assistant

AI Assistant in Adobe Experience Platform is a conversational experience that you can use to accelerate your workflows in Adobe applications. You can use AI Assistant to better understand product knowledge, troubleshoot problems, or search through information and find operational insights. AI Assistant supports Experience Platform, Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer and Customer Journey Analytics.

New feature

AI Assistant in Experience Platform
You can now use AI Assistant in Experience Platform. AI Assistant supports Experience Platform, Real-Time Customer Data Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Customer Journey Analytics.
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For more information about this feature, read the AI Assistant UI guide.
Support for product knowledge questions

Product knowledge are concepts and topics grounded in Experience League documentation and can be used for pointed learning, open discovery, and troubleshooting. You can ask AI Assistant product knowledge questions like:

  • What are lookalike audiences?
  • How is Profile richness calculated?
  • Can I delete a profile enabled schema after data is ingested?
[Beta]{class="badge informative"} Support for operational insights questions

Operational insights are answers AI Assistant generates about your metadata objects including counts, lookups, and lineage impact. Operational insights does not look at any data within your sandbox. You can ask AI Assistant operational insights questions like:

  • Which destinations are in an active state?
  • How many datasets do I have?
  • List the audiences which are used in live journeys.

Operational insights are supported in the following domains: attributes, audiences, dataflows, datasets, destinations, journeys, schemas, and sources.

Access AI Assistant
To access AI Assistant for Experience Platform, Real-Time CDP, and Journey Optimizer, you must be added to a role that includes the Enable AI Assistant and View Operational Insights permissions. For more information, read the feature access guide. You must use the Admin Console for access in Customer Journey Analytics.

For more information about AI Assistant, read the AI Assistant overview.