Manage onboarding access for second-party data manage-onboarding-access-for-second-party-data

The audience for this page is Adobe-internal employees. If you are an Audience Manager customer requesting a second-party data source mapping as described on this page, contact Customer Care or your Technical Account Manager.
Note that is not required to request a mapping for existing data sharing relationships. The mapping is also not required when onboarding data into target data sources that belong to your PID.

In order to prevent accidental file and data onboarding into target data sources owned by other partners, Audience Manager has added a mapping requirement between partner ID (PID) and the data sources (DPID) owned by other partners. Read more about PID and DPID in the index of Audience Manager IDs.

For second-party data sharing purposes, if an Audience Manager partner or customer wants to ingest files into a target data source that they don’t own, then they need to request a mapping between their partner ID (PID) and that specific data source (DPID). If the mapping is missing, the files will not be processed by the inbound data job and the data is not onboarded into Audience Manager.

In order to create that mapping, submit a Jira ticket to the Audience Manager engineering team. View a sample Jira ticket here. You do not need to request mappings to be created for any existing data sharing relationships.