Synchronize & send an Experience Manager email delivery in Campaign

Learn how to test and send a newsletter, that was created in Experience Manager, in Campaign.

In this video, we are going to synchronize and send an Adobe Experience Manager newsletter delivery in Adobe Campaign. Previously, we created a newsletter in Adobe Experience Manager and had our team approve and publish the newsletter for Campaign. With our newsletter ready, let’s start by logging into Campaign and create a new delivery. We can create a delivery by selecting Campaigns followed by selecting Deliveries. From here, we can select the green Create button. The delivery popover appears.
In the delivery popover select the Email delivery with AEM content option from the delivery template dropdown. Feel free to provide a new label, then select Continue in the bottom-right. The delivery editor appears. Because we selected the AEM content template, you will notice that a new Synchronized button is available with the AEM logo. Selecting Synchronize opens the Synchronize with AEM content popover. The default automatically shows the content that has not been approved. However, we want to select our approved weekend newsletter. Using the dropdown filters, we can easily set the Status to Approved and the Links status to Linked.
Select the content you wish to use in your email, then select OK. Our email template automatically loads and synchronizes with the latest version of our AEM newsletter. If we wanted to make edits to the newsletter, we can edit it at any time in AEM, then select the Refresh button to pull in the updated newsletter.
Now all that’s left to do is define our population and send the email. Before we send the email, it’s best practice to preview the email in Campaign with a test recipient. This ensures our personalization is working correctly. To preview the newsletter with a recipient, select Preview at the bottom-left followed by selecting a test recipient. After a few moments, the preview generates.
With the email ready to go select your recipient, followed by selecting the Send button in the top-left. We want to select Deliver as soon as possible, followed by selecting Analyze, to submit the job to the server and confirm nothing is wrong.
With the delivery preparation complete, select Confirm delivery.
Hopping over to our email, we can see that our newsletter was successfully delivered using the AEM template we synchronized, and the content was personalized using our Campaign recipients. Thanks for watching. . -