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Learn how to use AEM’s Omnisearch to quickly discover assets.

AEM makes Assets quickly, and easily discoverable, via OmniSearch. OmniSearch is AEM’s ever-present search that is available by tapping on the magnifying glass icon in the top right, or tapping the forward slash key on the keyboard. Because OmniSearch is available throughout all areas in AEM, searches can be scoped to one or more locations. When in AEM Assets, OmniSearch intelligently scopes the search only to assets as denoted via the Location pill in the search bar.
AEM search supports full tech search including familiar operators like “or” and “not”.
The full tech search ski or surf contains assets with either the ski or surf terms. Searching for Portland returns four assets. In order to search for Portland, but exclude any that also contain the terms for Mount Hood, which is Portland’s neighboring mountain, the term hood can be restricted or knotted, by prefixing it with a dash.
Words or phrases, denoted with the double quotes, can be used as well.
Full tech search takes into account the meta-data of the asset, the file name, and even the text contents of documents like PDFs or Word. Image assets on the other hand, are automatically smart-tagged when uploaded to AEM. What this means is upon upload, Adobe Sensei inspects the image and applies keyword tags that describe what is in the image. These smart-tags are incorporated into AEM search, making any smart-tagged asset quickly discoverable through keyword search. And reduces the burden on AEM authors from enriching every uploaded asset with meta-data to insure they’re discoverable. As Adobe Sensei processes uploaded image assets, not only does it determine, and apply smart-tag keywords, it also generates mathematical representations of the image, which allows AEM to perform a visual similarity search. Simply select an image asset that has been processed with smart-tags, and select “Find similar”. And the results will include the most visually similar assets in AEM.
Selecting a search result, exposes the usual actions for the asset in the top bar.
And tapping on a search result, opens the asset in this detailed view.
OmniSearch supports faceted, meta-data filtering from the left side bar.
Search can be scoped in a myriad of ways from specific folder paths, to folders or files, to a multitude of meta-data attributes. Simply toggle the filters to restrict the search, and the results automatically refresh.
As search criteria is added, new pills representing them display in the top search bar.
Clicking on the “X” in the pill, removes that search criteria. Note that the search form in the left side bar is fully configurable by AEM administrators. -