Creating Carousel sets with AEM Dynamic Media

This video walks through the process of creating a Carousel set with AEM Dynamic Media.

Hello, everyone. In this video, you will demonstrate how to create Carousel Set in AEM Dynamic Media. To do so, open the navigation tab and move to Assets. Now, choose files. Click on the Create option at the top left and then select Carousel set. Now, click on Tap To Add Asset Selector. Select the folder, and then select the files you wish to upload. After choosing the files, click on the Select option. The slides will be available for preview.
Now, you can drag and drop a file to reorder it in the frame.
You can change the properties and appearance and behavior tabs of the slide.
In the action’s tab, you can add a hotspot and add image map.
Click on the slide and then the delete slide option to delete the slide. After making the changes, give a name to the carousel set and save it. Your carousel set will appear.
Thank you, for watching this video. -