Configuring asset sourcing with the Brand Portal

This video walks through the process of configuring asset sourcing with the Brand Portal.

Hello everyone, today we will be discussing how to configure asset sourcing with the brand portal in AEM. Assets sourcing allows the AEM users to create new folders with an additional asset contribution property and sharing the new folder created, open to asset submission by the brand portal users. The prerequisites for this process are, having AEM assets of 6.5.2 or above, and ensuring that your AEM assets instance is configured with brand portal. The first step is to upload brand portal users list. For that you need to log into your AEM assets instance from that you need to move to the tools panel and navigate to assets, and finally, to brand portal users. Brand portal, upload contributors window will open up. Browse from your local machine and upload the .CSV file containing the active brand portal users list and click on save. After that navigate to assets of AEM and create a folder of your choice. Make sure to check the asset contribution box as shown on screen. The next step is to add the brief for the folder and the list of users you wish to add. Upon doing that click on save and your folder would be successfully created. Now, when you open your folder, you’ll see that there are two subfolders inside it, go to the shared subfolder.
Now go ahead and upload the assets that you wish to publish on your brand portal. After you are done uploading, navigate to assets on AEM and select your folder and click on manage publication, followed by publish to brand portal. As you can see on the screen now, the folder would be successfully published on the brand portal. Next, click on the folder and navigate to the new subfolder in it, you will find the option to create assets in it now. Go ahead and upload any file that you wish to in this new subfolder.
Then navigate back to brand portal and select your folder and click on publish to AEM as shown on screen. Asset would be successfully added to the export queue, and after some time when you navigate to AEM assets instance, you’ll be able to see the desired assets and the new folder. So in this way you can successfully configure asset sourcing with the brand portal in AEM. Thank you. -