Review Task

Explore how AEM Assets’ Review Task facilitates the most common review and approval workflows.

AEM’s review task stitches its core collaboration features together to facilitate the common workflow of asset review and approval. The flow review task facilitates is as follows. A creative upload to set new assets, a reviewer reviews and decides which assets to accept, reject or request changes. Any requested changes are made by the creative and re-uploaded to AEM. The reviewer then performs a final round of approval and rejections. To start a new reviews task, select a folder with the access to review and tap create review task. The project is optional and used in a context in more complex workflows managed by AEM projects. Give the review task a meaningful name, assign it to the AEM user who will act as a reviewer, provide the description for extra context, and optionally, a priority and due date to help ensure the work is performed in a timely manner.
When a review task is created, it is made available to the assignees or reviewers AEM inbox.
Clicking a review from the task opens up a special view of the folder.
Tapping an asset in this hue exposes its available actions. Approve marks the asset as such and displays a green thumbs up, reject marks the asset as such with a small red thumbs down, request changes captures what needs to be done, and it’s worth noting also supports mentions, and marks the assets with a small clock icon.
An annotate opens the asset in its annotate view, allowing standard annotations to be applied.
This is often used in conjunction with a request changes.
When selecting an asset that has been approved, rejected or changes requested, a clear status action allows that prior status to be reset.
When selecting two assets from the review task, the compare option becomes available.
This provides a side by side view of assets using the larger view, allowing your viewers to inspect assets more closely and compare them against other assets under review. Each panel of the compare view can be used to scroll through the other assets, and the usual review task options are available.
An unfinished review task can always be re-entered later using the inbox if needed. For example, when changes to an asset are requested it often takes some time for the creative team to make the changes and re-upload the assets. When the review task is finished, simply mark the task as complete.
Now to getting back into the files view, the assets that underwent review task have their statuses displayed on their cards, as well as in their meta data under the review status field.
Now all the assets are nicely marked for use and can be moved to their final locations or if needed, deleted. -