Smart Tags for Images

AEM Assets’ Smart Tags for images augments AEM Assets’ search by automatically adding derived metadata tags to image assets, improving the authoring experience by making it easier and faster to find the right image.

Set up for AEM 6.x set-up

Smart Tags for images is automatically provisioned for AEM as a Cloud Service.

Before you can use the Smart Content Service, ensure the following to create an integration on Adobe I/O:

  • An Adobe ID account that has administrator privileges for the organization
  • The Smart Content Service service is enabled for your organization

The video details out the following tasks required to configure the Adobe I/O Smart Content service that’s used to Smart Tag images.

  • Create a Smart Content Service configuration in AEM to generate a public key. Obtain public certificate for OAuth integration.
  • Create an integration in Adobe I/O and upload the generated public key.
  • Configure your AEM instance using the API key and other credentials from Adobe I/O.
  • Optionally, enable auto-tagging on asset upload.

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