AEM Dynamic Media Classic IPS APIs

This video walks through the Dynamic Media classic IPS APIs.

Hello everyone. Today, we will be discussing about Dynamic Media Classic IPS API. Dynamic Media Classic users now have access to a new desktop app experience that no longer relies on Adobe Flash technology in the browser. Upon downloading the app, when we opened the application, the new Adobe Dynamic Media Classic sign-in page is displayed. To sign into the Adobe Dynamic Media Classic desktop app use the same credentials that you used to logon to Dynamic Media Classic in the browser. Upon signing in this is how the app would look like with all the assets the customer has uploaded in it. For the particular asset, we can select the asset and click on file then export. Upon clicking on submit export it will trigger a submit export job, which we can see in the jobs tab but if we wish to perform all these tasks programmatically and not through the app, we have to make use of IPS API. The IPS web service API enables external applications and third-party developers to programmatically access IPS assets and functionality. The IPS API uses standard SOAP and HTTP protocols and is compatible with any client that conforms to these standards. Additional testing helps ensure the API is compatible with Java, Adobe Flex and Microsoft.NET. To use the API we need to make sure of two things, that is we are using the correct version and the right location server. Further details on how to trigger export job by a submit job operation parameter will be shown in the next video. Thank you. -