Timeline and Inbox

Familiarize yourself with the key web consoles in AEM Assets that are used for collaboration.

AEM provides a suite of features that allow multiple people in groups in an organization to collaborate on asset creation, management and use. Basic collaboration typically begins in AEM with the upload of assets followed by the review with reviewers accepting, requesting changes or rejecting the assets. Before jumping into AEM collaboration feature set, there are two important consoles that require familiarization. The timeline, located in the left bar, describes the asset’s life cycle in time order conveying what has happened to the asset over it’s life. This can be filtered down by type.
But Show All provides a useful, holistic few of the asset and it’s history.
Next, AEM’s inbox, available to users via the bell icon in the top right, provides the AEM user a centralized notification center and task list. Tasks can be assigned to specific users or groups but regardless, they deserve the assigned user’s attention.
Tasks have four primary actions. Open, which provides a more detailed few into the task.
Payload, which opens any associated content and, in this case, assets in a natural view.
Reassign, which lets the task be passed to another user or group.
And Complete, which finishes the task and, depending on if the task is part of the larger workflow, may create a new task for another user or group. -