Creating Video Profiles in AEM Dynamic Media

This video walks through the process of creating video profile to process videos in Dynamic Media.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will show you how to create and add video profiles, to process videos in AEM Dynamic Media. In Dynamic Media you can create your own video profile, and add it to ensure that all videos have the same audio and video settings. To create a video profile go to AEM homepage, and open tools using the hammer icon on the left side of the screen. now select assets, and then click on video profiles. Tap create to add a new video profile. In the next page, enter a name and description for the profile. On the create edit video profile page, tap add video and encoding preset. In the basic tab, set the video and audio options. Ensure that keep aspect ratio is checked in video size heading. Now set the video frame size resolution in pixels. You can use the auto value to automatically scale to match the source aspect ratio. Like here we have set the width field to auto, and height to 480 pixels. Tap the information icon next to each option to get additional description or recommended settings. Optionally, you can modify advanced video and audio settings under the advanced tab or use the default settings. Once you are done, tap on save at the upper right corner of the page to save the preset. You can also create multiple encoding presets if needed. Optionally, if you want to add video smart crop to videos, that this profile is applied to. Click on add new option to the right of smart crop ratio heading. Enter a name for the crop ratio and select the ratio from the dropdown menu. You can add multiple crop ratios, if needed. Once done, click on save at the top right corner of the page to save the video profile. To apply this video profile to a folder, take the profile and click on apply profile to folder option at the top of the page. Select the folder or multiple folders you want to use to receive the newly uploaded assets. You can also create a folder here itself, by clicking on create folder option at the top left corner of the page. Now tap on apply to add this profile to the selected folder. You can see the folder with this profile name assigned to it while in card view. So this is how you can create an ad video profile to video in AEM Dynamic Media. Thank you for watching this video. -