Downloading Assets in AEM Dynamic Media Classic App

This video walks through the steps to download asset in Dynamic Media Classic App.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will show you how to download assets to your local system in AEM Dynamic Media Classic app. Log in into your Dynamic Media Classic app account and select one or multiple assets you want to download. Now click on files and select export from the dropdown menu. Enter the name to accompany the date and time stamp in the Job Name field. Optionally, you can choose to convert file and set the size, format, resolution, and color of the assets. Here we are exporting the original file. You can also postpone the download to a later date by selecting time and date from the Schedule menu. Once done, click on Submit Export. This will create an export job and a zip file will be downloaded on your local system. You can extract this zip file to view the downloaded assets. This is how you can download assets in AEM Dynamic Media Classic app. Thank you for watching this video. -