Creating Image Presets with AEM Dynamic Media

This video walks through the steps to create Image Presets in Dynamic Media.

Hello, everyone. In this video, we will show you how to create image presets in AEM Dynamic Media. Image presets enable assets to dynamically deliver images at different sizes in different formats or with other image properties that are generated dynamically. To create an image preset, go to AEM homepage and open tools using the hammer icon, at the left side of the screen. Now select assets, and then click on image preset. Click on create at the top right corner of the screen to create a new preset. Enter the name of the preset and set the properties like width, height, format and quality. Here we set the width and height of the image to 400. Additionally, you can set other properties using advanced tab. Once you are done, click on save. The preset will get auto published on the Dynamic Media server. To view this Dynamic Media image preset, navigate to homepage, select assets and click on files. Select a folder to open an asset. In the left trail, open the dropdown menu and click on renditions. You can see the created image preset under dynamic renditions. Select the required preset to apply to an asset. Additionally, you can click on URL at the bottom of the screen to get the link for the asset with image preset applied to it. So this is how you can create an image preset in AEM Dynamic media. Thank you for watching this video. -