Video Smart Tags

Experience Manager Assets leverages Adobe Sensei to intelligently tag video assets with keywords that describe key elements of the video, allowing them to be easily discovered using keyword search by AEM users.

Experience Manager Assets pairs with Adobe Sensei to smart tag videos, which automatically applies common, relevant, keywords to videos metadata. Allowing them to be easily discoverable via keyword search by AEM users.
Asset folders can be marked via their properties to enable video smart tags for any videos beneath them.
When videos are uploaded to or reprocessed in the configured folders, AEM and Adobe Sensei automatically inspect the frames of the video, identifying key elements and applying keyword smart tags based on the frames content.
Once applied, video smart tags can be reviewed on the videos asset details.
Existing videos can be smart tagged by reprocessing them in a folder that has been enabled for video smart tags.
And video smart tags can be managed via AEM’s managed tags console. Any smart tags of a high relevance can be promoted, which boosts their search value in AEM’s omni search, or conversely, smart tags can be removed completely from an asset if determined to be irrelevant or incorrect. -