3D assets

Learn about 3D asset support in AEM Assets as a Cloud Service.

Welcome to this video showcasing the powerful features of AEM Assets, revolutionizing the way you manage and preview complex visual 3D assets. Let’s dive into how AEM Assets enhances the user experience when browsing and finding assets, particularly 3D files. As you know, 3D files are complex, and traditional asset management tools often lack the ability to generate accurate thumbnails or provide inline previews. This limitation forces users to download the files and review them in separate tools. AEM Assets as a cloud service is a game changer, as it supports a wide range of 3D file formats. You can seamlessly upload, manage, and even preview them directly in AEM. Let me show you how easy it is to use AEM Assets with 3D files. Open AEM Assets as a cloud service, and navigate to an assets folder where you have upload rights. Upload your supported 3D files, either by clicking the Create button or simply dragging and dropping them into the interface.
Once you’ve uploaded the assets, AEM automatically initiates the processing of the files.
When the processing is complete, the 3D assets are displayed using generated thumbnails. AEM Assets changes the game by providing accurate visual previews of 3D objects and scenes directly within the asset management interface. Simply by opening a 3D asset, you can preview it in more detail. You can rotate, zoom, and pan the asset to view it from different angles. This empowers users to easily and quickly review their 3D content, helping them find the right asset more efficiently.
And that’s it. With AEM Assets, you can effortlessly manage and preview your complex 3D assets, saving time and enhancing your productivity.