Search Boost

Let’s take a look at search boosting in AEM Assets. Search boosting allows an author to assign keywords or key phrases to an asset to increase - their search relevancy for those keywords or key phrases. If we search for the term surfing inside of the WKND Site, we’re - shown a list of images that are related to our search term. Images in the top left - are the most relevant. If we select one of - these first few images, we can see why it was - presented to us first. It has surfing in the title, - in the folder structure, and in the image tags. Back on the search page, - some of these images may not seem related to our search term, such as the images of mountains, but they appear because - they’re located in a folder containing the word surf. Below these images are - ones of surfers on waves. Let’s see how we can boost these images to make them appear higher in our search. Selecting the asset, we want to boost, we see that it doesn’t have surfing in the image title or description. Adding our search terms to these fields would result in the image being presented higher up in search but it could make the asset harder to find later on. Under the advanced tab, let’s - add surfing as a boosted term.
Now, when the search is run again, we see our image at the - top of the search results. Let’s boost another image. This image appears higher in the search results than the - first image before boosting. So, it’s expected that if we boost it with the same search term, - it will again appear higher. Let’s add the boosted search - term and rerun the search. Just as we expected, this image is now the first result on the search page. Asset boosting allows us - to add keywords and phrases to assets, making them easier - for content authors to find, and subsequently improving efficiency. - -