Using Experience Fragments with AEM Assets Dynamic Media using-experience-fragments-with-aem-assets-dynamic-media

AEM Assets Dynamic Media integrates asset Hotspots with Experience Fragments via Interactive Media viewers. Marketers can author the experience fragment with text, images, and links to populate the custom pop-up and associate that pop-up to hotspots on banners, carousels or videos.

In this video, we’ll take a - look at how we can integrate Experience Fragments with AEM - assets Dynamic Media hotspots. I’ve started my - AEM instance, with Dynamic - Media enabled. In this example, we’ll be adding - a hotspot to a skiing image, to promote the jacket - the skier is wearing. So we can - select our asset, select Edit from the top - toolbar and assuming AEM has been started with - Dynamic Media enabled, and that this asset - has been processed by the Dynamic - Media workflows. We should see an adhoc hotspot - action in the top menu bar. So click this and we enter - the hotspot management UI. And click hotspot to - create a new hotspot and I can pick the - location on the image, where the hotspot - should appear. So I will place it - on the jacket, since we are trying to - promote the jacket. We can give the hotspot a name, - just call it “jacket promotion” and we can select Experience - Fragment, under the action type. So this is going to - allow us to select the Experience Fragment - we want to display whenever the - hotspot is clicked. So for this, we can select - the magnifying glass, which will allow - us to search through all our - Experience Fragments. As you can see, I’ve already - created a jacket promotion and I have a pop up - promotion variant. So select this, and we can also adjust the - height and width of the pop up that will display the - Experience Fragment, when our - hotspot is clicked. So I’ll just change - this to 800 by 400.
We can click our Preview button, - over here on the right, to see what our Experience - Fragment will look like when the hotspot - is clipped. And there we go. Now we have a preview of what - the experience will look like, when our hotspot is - clicked on our image. All right, let’s go - ahead and close this. Let’s save changes. Before we move on - to the next piece, we want to make sure - that the viewer, that we’ll be using to surface our - image with hotspot is published. Let’s head back to - AEM, Tools, Assets, your presets and - you’ll be using the Shoppable Banner interactive - image video preset. So I want to make sure - that this is published. Let’s go ahead and - publish this. And let’s navigate - back to our asset.
We can open up our sidebar on - our Asset and go to Viewers and we’ll have our - Shoppable Banner viewer. If we click on this, it’ll - give us a preview of what our image will look - like with the hotspot, so you can see we have - our hotspot here. If we click on it, again - we can get a preview.
So let’s see, how we use - this on an AEM sites page. Let’s close our Asset, navigate - to sites, through AEM.
We.Retail, U.S., - E.N., Experience, let’s add it to our - ski touring page. So we can go ahead - and edit this.
Let’s go ahead and add - it within this article and to do this, we have - to make sure we have our Interactive Media Component - enabled on this page. So let’s head over to our - template through Edit Template, select the layout - container, select the Policy for - the layout container, which allows us to specify what components are - allowed on this page. Can search for Dynamic Media, and we can allow the - Interactive Media Component. Let’s Save or changes.
Head back to our ski touring - page, refresh the page.
Let’s go ahead and add the - Interactive Media Component to this layout - container.
Now, let’s open our sidebar - and drag our asset with the hotspot into the - Interactive Media Component. So we’ve added it here, - we can see our hotspot, we can select the Component - and click the Wrench and we can see that, it is using the Shoppable - Banner Viewer preset.
Let’s head over to - preview mode and we click on our - hotspot, on our page. And we’re presented with - our Experience Fragment, that service through - our hotspot, using the Shoppable - Banner image preset. Note that, because this is an AEM - Assets Dynamic Media integration, this functionality is available - in third party websites, that have been integrated with - AEM Assets Dynamic Media. -
Using AEM Experience Fragments with AEM Assets Dynamic Media Hotspots requires AEM to be run in the Dynamic Media mode.

The Pop-up Experience Fragment variant shown in the video is available as an AEM package below.

Download Experience Fragments Dynamic Media Assets