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Welcome to the Commerce videos and tutorials collection. Using these resources, along with the documentation, give you a better understanding how to use Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source to support your ecommerce business. The collection is designed to provide helpful content for backend developers, frontend developers, system administrators, merchants, and other roles within your organization.

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Subject area New or updated videos
Store administration Users, Roles, and Permissions
Manage Shipping and Delivery Methods
Use Payment Services
Customer management Create Customer Segments
Create Customer Groups
Create Customer Attributes
Seller-Assisted Shopping
Catalog management Create a Category
Manage Products in a Category
Inventory Management
Create Product Attributes
Use Product Attributes with PWA Studio
Manage SEO Metadata
Manage URL Rewrites for SEO
Content management Page Builder Overview
Create Static and Dynamic Blocks
Create Widgets
Use Content Templates
Content Staging
Manage the Media Gallery
Marketing tools Create Catalog Price Rules
Create Cart Price Rules
Manage Related Product Rules
Set Up Product Recommendations
Use Live Search
Orders and fulfillment Store Fulfillment Overview
Manage Order Status
B2B for Adobe Commerce Manage Company Accounts
Manage Shared Catalogs
Manage Company Credit
Purchase Orders and Approvals
System tools Site-Wide Analysis Tool Dashboard
Observation for Adobe Commerce
Use the Quality Patch Tool
MBI Getting Started with MBI
Managing Data Sets in MBI
Optimize Your MBI Data Warehouse
MBI Dashboards Deep Dive
Holiday Readiness with MBI
Prepping for the Future
MBI - Ask an Expert

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