Create Customer Attributes

Customer attributes provide the information that is required to support the order, fulfillment, and customer management processes. Because your business is unique, you might need fields in addition to the default fields provided by the system. You can add custom attributes to the Account Information, Address Book, and Billing Information sections of the customer’s account.

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  • Store administrators
  • eCommerce marketers

Video content

This video, we’re going to talk about creating customer attributes. Customer attributes typically provide the information that is required to support the order, fulfillment, and any other customer management processes. To begin, we’re going to head over to the admin panel. We’re going to select Stores. Under Stores, we’re going to look for Attributes. In Attributes, we’re going to select Customer. And this will bring us to our existing customer attributes table, which shows you the attribute code, default label, and whether or not that field or code is required. So, to create a new customer attribute, all we need to do is select Add New Attribute. For the purposes of this exercise, we will just create one that says Team as the default label. Under attribute code, just call it the same thing in all lowercase, team as well. We’re going to leave the input type as Text Field. And whether or not this field is required, we’re going to say no. We’re going to keep all of our default values unchanged here. And under Storefront Properties, under Sort Order, we’re just going to select one.
And Forms to Use, we’re going to select Customer Registration.
Once we’re done, we’re going to Save Attribute.
And as you can see here, back to our customer attributes table, we have our new attribute field creator. -

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