Identify an IP that may be malicious and should be blocked

In this video:

  • Identify a potential IP that is suspicious or malicious​ to be used in Fastly to block it
In this video, you’ll learn how to use New Relic. An observability platform partnered with Adobe Commerce to identify and block suspected bot traffic. First, we’re going to navigate to New Relic and log in. You can do this by visiting If you have any issues accessing New Relic, please contact your Adobe support team.
Now that we’re logged into New Relic, we’re going to click on the apps tab.
Next, we’re going to select the observation for Adobe Commerce app.
Observation for Adobe Commerce is a customized experience for monitoring your e-commerce site. Next, you will enter your project ID in the top left of the screen.
Note that on the top right of the screen, you can select the timeframe that you wish to view data for.
Once you have your project and timeframe selected, we’re going to navigate to this CDN tab. This tab shows you statistics on your Fastly CDN.
Note that there’s also a tab for bots and for your firewall. Both these tabs will be useful in identifying if you want to block a particular IP address from accessing your site.
Next, we will scroll down to the bottom of the CDN tab. Here we will see a chart showing the frequency of particular IPs when they ping your site. You can see that there was a big spike from one particular IP address on October 10th.
If this is an IP address that you’d like to block, you would then go and click on the documentation link above the chart.
This will take you to the documentation on the experience leak site to block a particular IP address, country, or block traffic by user agent.
For more on how to use New Relic and Adobe Commerce, explore the commerce documentation section in the Adobe Experience League site. -