Create a mesh with a single source

This video helps developers understand how to create a mesh with a single source in API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder. For this basic example to work as expected, you need a publicly accessible API or GraphQL endpoint. The video also explains how to create a simple mesh.json file to use with your Commerce instance. For more details and code samples, visit Create a mesh.

Who is this video for?

  • Anyone new to API mesh
  • Developers interested in combining multiple GraphQL and API sources
  • Anyone who needs to know how to filter the network tab and filter by GraphQL

Video content

  • Using API Mesh as a reverse proxy
  • Creating a mesh from a JSON configuration file
  • Accessing the newly created GraphQL endpoint

Create the json configuration file

API Mesh uses a JSON configuration file to define your source handlers. The JSON file contains a sources array that contains the sources for your mesh. Here is an example of a mesh with a single source.

"meshConfig": {
    "sources": [
        "name": "Commerce",
        "handler": {
          "graphql": {
            "endpoint": ""

Useful API Mesh resources