Installing Adobe I/O Runtime CLI and Mesh plugin

Before you begin using API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder, you need to install the aio CLI and the API Mesh plugin.
For installation instructions and prerequisites, visit the API Mesh Getting started page.

Who is this video for?

  • Developers new to API Mesh or Adobe Commerce with limited experience using Adobe I/O Runtime and API Mesh.

Video content

  • Introduction to API Mesh
  • Installing the Adobe I/O Runtime CLI (command-line interface)
  • Installing the API Mesh plugin

Installing the aio CLI and API Mesh plugin

After installing node and npm, run the following command to install the aio CLI:

npm install -g @adobe/aio-cli

Once the Adobe I/O Runtime CLI is installed, use the following command to install the API Mesh plugin:

aio plugins:install @adobe/aio-cli-plugin-api-mesh

Useful API Mesh resources