Working with projects and workspaces

This tutorial discusses creating a project and workspace to contain your mesh. This work happens predominately in the Adobe Developer console UI.

Who is this video for?

  • Developers who have access to an Adobe Developer Console account and want to create a project and workspace.

Video content

  • Working with projects and workspaces in the Adobe Developer Console
  • Adding API Mesh to the workspace in the Adobe Developer Console
  • Logging into the Adobe Developer console in the CLI
  • View the selected project and workspace in the CLI
  • Changing the selected Organization, project, or workspace in the CLI
  • Testing simple API Mesh commands

Learn about the Adobe Developer Console

In the Adobe Developer Console, the following hierarchy represents how your APIs fit into your Organization: Organization > Project > Workspace > [API]. To learn more about Adobe App Builder, logging in to the console, and basic troubleshooting, visit Creating your First App Builder Application.

Introduction to Projects in the Adobe Developer Console

All development work in Adobe Developer Console is done as part of a project. A project can include one or multiple products, and a combination of APIs, events, runtimes, and plugins. For more details on projects in Adobe Developer console, visit Projects.

For more information on using projects and workspaces in the context of API Mesh, see Modify projects and workspaces.

Useful API Mesh resources