Adobe Commerce conditional events

Learn about conditional events in Adobe Commerce that can be used in Adobe Developer App Builder. Additional documentation found at Install Adobe I/O Events for Adobe Commerce.

Who is this video for?

  • Developers new to Adobe Commerce and Adobe Developer App Builder using I/O events and need to create an Adobe App Builder project.

Video content video-content

  • Learn about conditional events
  • Learn proper usage for new XML file io_events.xml
  • Learn how to configure conditional events
  • Defining rules for use in conditional events
  • Learn how to register events in the Commerce instances app/etc/config.php

Useful commands useful-commands

bin/magento events:subscribe --fields=sku --fields=qty --fields=category_id

bin/magento events:subscribe plugin.magento.catalog.model.resource_model.product.save_low_stock --fields=sku --fields=qty --fields=category_id --rules="qty|lessThan|20" --rules="category_id|in|3,4,5"

cat app/etc/config.php

bin/magento events:list

bin/magento events:list -v

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