Adobe Commerce module development

Learn how register events, find supported events, and how to use a new XML file io_events.xml in custom module development. The video will also show developers how to find registered events that can used as well as unsubscribe any events that may already be defined. Additional documentation found at Install Adobe I/O Events for Adobe Commerce.

Who is this video for?

  • Developers new to Adobe Commerce and Adobe Developer App Builder using I/O events.

Video content video-content

  • Registering events in Commerce for use in Adobe Developer App Builder
  • Identify events that can be registered
  • Learn how to register events in io_events.xml
  • Learn how to register events in the Commerce instances app/etc/config.php
  • Learn how to unsubscribe to an event

Useful commands useful-commands

bin/magento events:list:all Magento_Catalog

bin/magento events:info

bin/magento events:subscribe observer.catalog_category_save_after --fields=entity_id --fields=parent_id

cat app/etc/config.php

bin/magento events:unsubscribe observer.catalog_category_save_after

bin/magento events:list

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