Sales Representative initiates the quote with the REST API

Learn how the sales representative can initiate the quote from the Adobe Commerce REST API.

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In this video, we will go through the process of creating customized offers for B2B buyers using the Adobe Commerce API. Our first step involves generating a quote in a draft state, where we will add products, apply discounts, and make any required modifications to the quote while ensuring it remains concealed from the buyer. Following that, we will send personalized offers directly to the B2B buyer without them having to initiate process from their storefront. As you can observe, there are no quotes in the current list. First thing, we will create a draft quote. The quote has been created, as I did too. Now we can see this quote in the list. When we open the quote, we notice that it is empty quote in a draft state.
To populate the quote, we will add several products.
As we can see, the products have been successfully added, but the quote is not yet finalized.
To further enhance the quote, we will set a new name, apply a discount of 50% to the entire quote, and update the expiration date.
Now, the quote has a new name, an updated expiration date, and we can observe that the discount has been applied. The total amount for the quote reflects the discounted price.
When modifying the quote using the API, it is necessary to recalculate the totals before submitting the quote. Once we are ready, we can submit the quote. However, let’s verify if this quote is not yet available to the buyer. Currently, it is not accessible via API, and it is not visible in the buyer’s account. Next, we proceed to submit the quote. Once submitted, the quote information becomes accessible to the buyer via the API.
It is important to note that once the quote has been submitted, it is no longer available for modifications by the sales representative. However, we still have access to all the quote information in the history log. The total amount for the quote remains unchanged. In the history log, we can review all the modifications made. Buyer has access to the quote and can proceed with the order or start a negotiation process. Buyer also has access to the full information from the history log. Thank you for joining me in this demonstration of the process of creating customized offers for B2B buyers using the Adobe Commerce API.

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