Planning the modern Adobe Commerce implementation

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of various topics related to Adobe Commerce, including catalog service, understanding customer architecture, and Edge Delivery Services.
​Topics include new or existing features and benefits of each service, such as live search and product recommendations in the Adobe Commerce Catalog as a Service, analyzing APIs and data flow in understanding customer architecture, and the high performance and low latency of the Edge Delivery Services. Additionally, the document mentions the importance of having standard documents and a list of questions when interacting with customers, as well as the concept of Global Reference Architecture (GRA) for efficient project building.


  • Development teams, managers, lead developers, technical architects
  • Teams implementing Adobe Commerce as an upgrade, migration or new commerce offering

Video content

  • Catalog service, including live search and product recommendations, is included with Adobe Commerce and has guides available on Experience League.
  • Understanding customer architecture involves analyzing APIs, data flow, typical products, and mapping customer requirements to commerce functionality.
  • Building a set of standard documents and a list of questions is essential for understanding customer architecture and ensuring a smooth project implementation.
    Automatic analysis tools can be used for migration projects, while manual documentation review and questionnaires are necessary for other cases.
  • Edge Delivery Services, released for Adobe Commerce recently, offers high-performance storefront solutions with low latency and simplified authoring experiences.
  • Edge Delivery Services prioritize performance and can significantly improve lighthouse scores, SEO, and overall website speed.
    Overview of Adobe Commerce and its four-part series on planning, building, and maintaining a modern implementation.
  • Introduction to the concept of Global Reference Architecture (GRA) for efficient project building.
  • Discussion on the importance of understanding roles, key documents, and project components during the discovery phase.
  • Explanation of the benefits and features of various services, including pricing and data connection.
  • Emphasis on the need for a scalable commerce foundation and the use of services to extend the application without customizing the core product.
  • Importance of proper planning, organization, and prioritization of tasks, including starting with the hardest parts of the project and considering the use of GRA for reusable components.

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